Cakes – Patriotic & Summer Themes


Put a spark in your Summer holiday fun with CAKE! Scroll down for a description of each cake. STORE PICK-UP ONLY | 2-DAY ADVANCE NOTICE



Put a spark in your Summer holiday fun with CAKE!

Fresh Fruit Flag – Entertaining a crowd? This two layer yellow 1/4 sheet cake is filled with Bavarian custard and topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream and blueberries. Serves 20-25 | $42.95

Patriotic Drip Cake – Two layers of 6″ white cake, one layer of devil’s food,  filled with strawberry buttercream and  frosted with buttercream. Serves 6-8 | $23.95

Patriotic Fruit Tart This fresh fruit tart boasts fresh strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream. They sit atop a layer of Bavarian cream on a delicious crust base. Serves 6-8. | $18.95

Patriotic Swirl Cake – Perfect for a smaller celebration, this 6 inch devil’s food cake is filled with rich caramel buttercream. Go, go, red, white and blue! Serves 8−10. | $23.95

Slider Hamburger Cake – As deliciously realistic as it looks, you probably shouldn’t eat this with your hands. Made of a combination cake (yellow and devil’s food), and filled with fudge.  Serves 6−8. | $23.95


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Fresh Fruit Flag (serves 20-25), Patriotic Drip Cake (serves 6-8), Patriotic Fruit Tart (serves 8-10), Patriotic Swirls Cake (Serves 8-10), Slider Hamburger Cake (serves 6-8)